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       “Hairdressing was the furthest thing from my mind,” states NIKKO. He never once thought hair would be his passion. Growing up he was dedicated to sports but always had a sense of style. NIKKO visited his friend at work he was inspired by the dynamic energy and creativity in the salon. With her encouragement, NIKKO applied to beauty college in Fresno. “I didn’t tell anyone,” he says.
       NIKKO was hooked from the first snip. He found a creative release he had never experienced having come from an athletic background. After working in Los Angeles for a year and a half he slid into an apprenticeship back  in Fresno. “The artists had more freedom there, it was a looser structure,” says NIKKO  “And they were turning out architecturally beautiful work.” Later he decided to pursue his dream in opening a salon.
        It was important to NIKKO to hire the right staff in order to create a unique family environment where the artists could thrive and the clients would feel welcome. He encourages his staff to get to know everyone’s clients, not just their own. “No one’s going to walk in and feel judged by the staff. Some salons buy into that, they want the cattiness,” he says. “That’s not going to happen here. That’s why 12 years later I still love what I do.”
             Tania won’t send you home with a cut you’re not going to be able to manage in your own bathroom. “It’s about lifestyle,” she says. “Not about how many rollers it takes to reproduce the look.” Being able to barber with just scissors and a comb is an art form not every stylist has attained. But her training armed her with the skills and confidence to masterfully execute beautiful precision cuts with just two simple tools.
 Tania looks for inspiration in the clean lines of  fashion, and art. She scours the pages of magazines, soaking up the innovation and creativity behind the hairstyles designers pair with their collections.
As an avid “people watcher,” she has a deep appreciation for diversity and avoids being pigeonholed as a stylist. “I’m not just about creating one kind of look,” she says. “I work with all kinds of hair. I can come up with something that will suit every individual.”
After moving to Fresno in 2005 she continued working for Paul Mitchell the School Fresno. Nikko's Salon offered Tania  the atmosphere and high standard of work she was looking for. She joined the team in 2006. “This is a business of instant gratification,” she says. It’s a fast process to make someone feel great about themselves and that’s really rewarding.”
 STEPHANIE-  Stylist

                    Stephanie is a Stylist with 15 years experience in Color, Hair Cuts, and Make-up, Prior to being a cosmetologist Stephanie spent 3 years as a sales manger for a Beauty supply shop. Stephanie offers a wide range of programs and services - from Color to Styling and Make-up, her goal is to get you were you want to be in your beauty needs she can design any beauty service you can think of.

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